I’m Steph, the creator and founder of Selfcare Visuals. I am currently based in the North West, UK.  I am actually originially from a small village in Lancashire, so the fact you’re here looking at this website and supporting my work, still feels quite surreal.

So thank you, truly.

I’m a self taught artist and I graduated university in Business Management. All designs on this website are created and printed by myself, with love. This is also the official shop for the Instagram page @selfcarevisuals.

Let me give you some background to that… The (Instagram) page all started during the lockdown, September 2020, to be exact. I think it was at a point we all really needed some extra self care.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety for many years, I wanted to share some of the tips that had worked for me and also some content regarding common feelings and emotions which might have made others feel less alone. I also truly feel like self care and looking after yourself properly is the key to managing stress and anxiety too, for me anyway.   

My advocacy in mental health and self care, my love for bright, bold colours and also the need for a creative outlet hopefully resonates throughout this collection and style of art.   

Designs are also available for wholesale, stocklist and any PR/events. For more information please email info@selfcarevisuals.com

Thank you for your support, always.

Be kind to yourself, you’ve got this! 

Steph x